Hi, I’m Kris Holechek and I am a vegan baking fool currently residing in Portland, Oregon, vegan capital of the country, apparently. I live with my husband and our crazy cats. When I’m not baking, I’m practicing yoga, messing around on the computer, or studying one of my 70 hobbies. In addition to those activities, I am a music enthusiast, I play guitar and sing and I like to fine-tune my Martha Stewart instincts via crafty projects that I rarely finish. I also enjoy reading books about pretty much everything. I’m a sucker for non-fiction.

I have been living cruelty-free for about 6 years, was vegetarian off-and-on for about a decade before that and solidly vegetarian for the year preceding becoming vegan. I became vegetarian due to my studies of the eight limbs of yoga. After learning more about animal agriculture, I made a cold-turkey overnight coversion to veganism almost exactly one year after becoming a true vegetarian. This is the book I read which led to that significant decision.

I have been baking since the first moment I was allowed into the kitchen. My great-grandmother and my aunt were my foodie role models growing up and I learned countless lessons from them in the kitchen, both in relationship to the preparation of food and about food as communion. Our family life revolved around someone puttering around in the kitchen while everyone else sat around, chatting, laughing and sampling the cook’s inventions.

I believe in the importance of food to both family and culture, which is why creating mind-blowing vegan cuisine, specifically baking, has been so important to me. When we sit down with others and share food, a bond is formed. And if that food is lackluster, well, that’s just downright sad. Amazing vegan food is not only possible, it’s important so we can connect with each other as vegans and for our ability to bridge that gap between ourselves and non-vegans. Delicious food transforms skeptics from thinking, “Vegan cookies? Yuck, what’s in those? You’re weird.” to “Heck, these are great! What else you got?”

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  1. Lyn Rose at 8:16 am #

    Hi there! I just wanted to say that I love your blog. I have read your previous blog too and the food looks great. Keep up the good work vegan friend!


  2. Gary Loewenthal at 10:11 pm #

    I couldn’t find an “email me” link, so leaving a comment here. I love your blog and the new cookbook looks great. The rest is pro-forma (but heartfelt) because I’m emailing to 500 places.

    Hi, this is Gary Loewenthal from Compassion for Animals, a fairly new DC-based grassroots animal advocacy group (www.compassion4animals.org – under construction). I wanted to invite you to participate in a rather large project we’re putting together: the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale, June 20 thru June 28 (www.veganbakesale.org).

    The idea is simple: Groups across the globe hold vegan bake sales during that period. Participating groups can do whatever they want with the proceeds. Compassion for Animals is coordinating global publicity for the event, and will leverage the event and our quasi-good media connections to get positive mainstream press about the event and about the health, environmental, ethical, and spiritual benefits of a plant-based diet.

    There’s much more information at http://www.veganbakesale.org. The sign-up form is at http://www.veganbakesale.org/veganbakesale/vbs-signup.html. For questions, or to sign up if you hate forms, please contact info@veganbakesale.org. We’re also on Facebook.

    We hope that this is a fun way to raise funds and also be part of something bigger which could help the earth, animals, and humans.

    For the animals and a compassionate world,

  3. veganlisa at 2:39 pm #

    Hi Kris,

    I really hope you are doing well. I wanted to let you know that our podcast interview was posted on veg.ca on Saturday. Here is the link: http://veg.ca/content/view/874/1/

    I also posted my review of your book to my blog this morning. Here is the link:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to do the podcast. I really enjoyed chatting with you and I hope that book is a huge success. I look forward to hearing more about your future endeavours.

    Happy Holidays!
    I hope your days are filled with the smell of orange, cranberry bread, joy and laughter!

    I tried to email you directly but the note kept bouncing back, so I thought this was the next best option.

  4. Rachel Fazio at 3:20 pm #

    Hi Kris – I just bought your Best 100 Vegan Baking Recipes book and had a question about one of the cookie recipes. In the cookbook your Pumpkin Chocolate Chip recipe ingredients list does not include a measurement for milk, however the instructions indicate that milk should be mixed in with the pumpkin. Could you please tell me whether milk should be a part of the recipe or not, and if so, how much.



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