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2 ingredient smoothie and book update

27 Jan

When I was a kid, I hated anything bitter. Grapefruit was the breakfast antithesis of all that is good in my chubby little world- sugar coated crunchies and custard filled donuts. Now as an adult my palette has changed quite a bit and bitter foods, like tahini and grapefruit, have come to hold a special place in my heart.

This simple, two ingredient smoothie has become a breakfast mainstay and I have to say, it’s truly awesome, even if reveling in the flavor of grapefruit makes me feel like like I’m getting on in years. Meh. Grapefruit’s good for the health, no? The late, great Jack LaLanne would certainly approve.

Kris’ Awesome Anti-Aging, OMG-I-AM-Aging 2 Ingredient Breakfast Smoothie

1 red grapefruit
1/2 a ripe banana, frozen

Segment the grapefruit, being mindful not to put your eye out. Place grapefruit and any additional juice from fruit rinds into a blender. Add the banana, chopped into chunks. Process until smooth. Add sweetener if desired, but know it will debit points from your geriatric street cred. 😉

And now, in other news…

The final touches have been made on the manuscript and it is off to the printers! My upcoming book Have Your Cake and Vegan Too is available for presale on Amazon! It features 50 vegan cake recipes, including some yummy gluten-free options and FULL COLOR PHOTOS! As fun as it is to presale books you’re anticipating, don’t forget that super cool vegan owned stores like Cosmos Vegan Shoppe will be carrying the book once it’s released. Our target release date is April 1st, no joke.

I have been working on a lot of really cool new things for nom! nom! nom! blog. The site is undergoing a complete redesign that will make it much more dynamic. In addition, the content and the ways I share said content will be changing. nom! nom! nom! will be growing from a blog to a very full and robust site. It’s still a couple of weeks out until the new site is up, but know that a change is comin’- and it’s going to be rad!


near and far…

13 Oct

I’m sorry if that horrid Celine Dion song gets stuck in your head, that wasn’t my intent at all.

What I am here to talk about are two exciting things to put on your calendar, one right around the bend and another to start saving your pennies for: Vegan MoFo and the Vida Vegan Blogger Conference!

Vegan MoFo, in case for some reason you have missed the foodie pr0n fun the past few years, is the Vegan Month of Food, when bloggers commit to blogging every day for a whole month. It’s a great way to sharpen your writing chops and connect with your fellow bloggers! The past two years were in October, but this year it is in Novemeber. Click here to sign up if you want to participate and be included in the RSS feed!

The Vida Vegan Blogger Conference is likely to be new to many of you, because next year will be the first year of it! Come out to vegan mecca to attend presentations, panel discussions and workshops held by some of the vegan bloggers you’ve come to love and who have come to love you (like yours truly!) Visit vendor booths, enjoy the company of your fellow vegans and eat your way through Portland until you are so bloated with vegan goodness you can hardly stand it.

The conference will be centrally located in downtown Portland on a local college campus, with tons of easy access to mass transit and delicious food- and registration opens this weekend! Check out the confirmed speakers so far!

What do you think? Will you be participating in Vegan MoFo? Leave a comment, I don’t want to miss your posts! What do you think about a vegan blogger conference?