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bake sale bonanza!

20 Jun

Thanks to everyone for your patience while I get back to blogging regularly. I have a ton of things to share with you, but for now, news about the bake sale!

To those of you who dropped things off earlier in the day- I have your platters/plates/etc, so please email me at nomblog [at} gmail {dot] com and we can arrange for a pick up! Oh, and if you made the Blueberry Green Tea Cupcakes, please email me! I think my will to bake will wither a bit if I don’t get the recipe. 🙂

The bake sale went wonderfully. We were able to raise much more money for House of Dreams than I had hoped for, which is fantastic! We had a lot of fun and the baked goods- oh, the baked goods! I could hardly restrain myself from buying one of everything. Here is a little picture tour…


In the foreground, Goodie Bars, with a cookie base, chocolate chips, raisins, walnuts and coconut, and in the background Lemon Drop Cookies surrounding Almond Chocolate Sandwich Cookies.


Mocha Stripe Cookies and Marble Bundt.


Oh Joe’s Brownies, Banana Split Cupcakes and Strawberry Muffins.


Gas Station Pies with choice of apple-cinnamon or strawberry rhubarb filling.


Gingersnap Cookies and Almond Rolls.


Butterscotch Pecan Bars.


Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Rolls…drool…


Sprouted Cinnamon Rolls with Glaze.


Jelly Doughnut Cupcakes.


Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies in the background and wheat free Strawberry Muffins in the foreground.


Peanut Butter Cookies and Apple Streusel Muffins.

Missing from my pictures were my favorite treat of the day- the Blueberry Green Tea Cupcakes. Such a surprisingly perfect and unexpected combination and oh-so-good. I was too preoccupied eating them remember to take a picture.

Thanks to everyone who came and baked and extra special thanks to baker/helper extraordinaire Amy!


10 Jun

So, I’ve had some stuff in my personal life sidetracking me from blogging, so excuse my absence. Things will be back to normal soon.

In the meantime… reminder:


The Portland contribution to the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale is in less than 2 week, on June 20th, at People’s, so please come and eat some yummies for the kitties!

With the warm weather we had in Portland recently (90 in June? Unheard of!) we have taken to eating pretty lightly, which has been refreshing.


This was a quick dinner, trying to use up some produce, as I have a tendency to over-purchase vegetables… chickpeas sauteed in a little EB with some nooch, asparagus, garlic broccolini and our standard issue quinoa. Simple, satisfying and yummy.


A bed of baby greens, topped with black beans that I cooked with some garlic and a little cumin, sweet corn, zucchini, avocado and some chips and salsa on the side. The chips are these new little corn chip “dippers” from Trader Joe’s that are like Fritos but a million times better. Well, I was never a fan of Fritos, so I’m a bit biased.


I wanted to make some Italian cookies with pine nuts in them and came across this recipe by Giada on the Food Network. I’m not one to normally have much faith in the Food Network, but the recipe was basically vegan, it involved chocolate (always a plus) and it seemed pretty authentically European, using little sugar, so my interest was piqued. Being skeptical of our American palettes accepting something that tastes less sweet, I added my new topping du jour: demerara sugar mixed with a pinch of fleur de sel. I’ve found that 1 tbsp. of sugar to 1/4 teas. of salt is a great mix for dipping cookies and it gives them a nice, slightly sweet crunch accompanied with the occasion tang of salt. The topping definitely helped. They were a little crumbly, more like a biscuit-type cookie, and the flavor was greatly aided by the chocolate chunks. I really like pine nuts, but they didn’t really do it for me in this recipe. Can’t win them all.


While I worked on these cookies, Linus made himself comfortable on the blanket that he pushed off the back of the couch. Spoiled kitteh…

More stuff to come, including some yummy reviews… it just might take me a week or so. Cheers!

vegan bake sale- pdx peeps represent!

23 Apr

Hey there!

The great folks over at Compassion for Animals have come up with a brilliant idea: a worldwide vegan bake sale! The week of June 20-28, there will be vegan bake sales happening all over the world- how cool is that?


I am going to host one in Portland, but I need your help! PDX peeps, where do you want your bake sale? My first instinct is Laurelhurst, but I also want it to be visible, what are your thoughts? Who wants to bring goodies? I’m thinking Saturday the 20th… Let’s chat!

I just might some of these bad boys…

Gas Station Pie

Gas Station Pie

Gas Station Pie- flaky, buttery, handheld pies, filled with yummy fruit fillings and a light glaze on top. Hostess can bite it- these puppies rawk my socks.