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the veginator

22 Sep

I’m sure most of you have been subjected to the disgusting commercials that Carl’s Jr./Hardees puts out. When they aren’t exploiting/abusing cows or using explicit sexual images to sell their food, they end them by slopping down the burger at the end of the commercial. A huge, cardiac arrest-inducing burger drops from the sky, with 3 different kinds of animals in 8 different forms oozing out of it and the announcer blathers on about what an amazing burger it is. Their bent is on being manly, even when they don’t explicitly say it. The announcer’s deep voice and the sensual way he describes their burgers is nauseating.

I decided that we needed our own “manly: burger commercial. Well, not so manly because it’s my voice, but whatever. It’s probably their idea of a nightmare… and my idea of good food.