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ham tube is dead to me

12 Apr

So, a couple of Easters ago, I glazed a ham tube from Food Fight. The company that made said ham tube went out of business and there is a new tube in town. I was so excited to glaze it up for Easter… and it was just sad, really.


First off, I should have been weary, what with it being a giant rectangle instead of the traditional tube. It was stringy, soft and spongy and had a off taste naturally. Thankfully our impromptu mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes, asparagus, dinner rolls and pickled beets saved the day and made up for the ham tube that wasn’t.

The holidays always make me nostalgic, even the ones we don’t really celebrate. Easter always makes me thinking of growing up with my grandparents. In honor of my Pappy, I made some fruit gel cocktail with some strawberry gel mix I picked up at Food Fight recently.


I’ve always wondered how foods would really taste if we didn’t have an emotional connection to them. I love the way fruit cocktail grapes taste, with their skins so soft and etched. Would I really like them under other circumstances?

A random dinner from earlier this week:


Whole wheat pasta with a randomly assembled creamy carrot and ginger sauce with chickpeas and some garlic brussels. If you can get over the fact that the sauce looks a bit like it was, um, recycled it was actually quite good.

I added some more pictures from the new book to my flickr account, so be sure to check out the nomminess!

More food soon!